Content is the new force in modern era and we at Minddew aims to provide the best of content oriented services in various domains. This would definitely add value to any organisation in its day to day business.

We have offices operating from India, Switzerland, USA & UAE. We offer services in E-Learning, Market research and Production & Publishing which are key sectors in the knowledge domain.

We provide knowledge services and support to entities and help them convert their business endeavours to success. Our aim is to be the most apt partner to help you in ways that would upscale your ladder of growth and success.

If you are looking for an able partner to share the efforts needed to realize your vision and goals, we could be the right one for you. Assured quality of our services is our commitment.

About Us About

Who we are

We are a content development team with development center located in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, one of the most literate and educationally advanced state of India. This puts us right in the midst of all the prime educational institutions from where we recruit our valuable subject experts.

We are in the knowledge-based content business for the past 20 years and have gained considerable expertise in the various knowledge-based services.

What we do

Our services are mainly focussed on E-Learning, Market Research and Production& Publishing services.

Over the years, we have seen how the smallest of contributions in these domains accounts for the enrichment of thousands of students and organisations across the globe. This drives us to partner with various companies in their small and big initiatives through our content development skills.

The Unique Advantage

Minddew has its own software development team to complement the content development activities. The development team is competent enough to provide technical assistance to our clients for their various business requirements. For instance, if you are a startup company just entering the tutoring domain, Minddew  IT team can help build the website and the applications from scratch, along with the content needed to populate the site. If you are an existing company and needs to upgrade your website format to offer content in a better way, our IT team can handle the upgradation part also, while the content team can cater your content needs. This synergy is applicable for all our IT-enabled services.

Minddew has a set of competent programmers who can offer software development services that will complement the content sector.



Our content development service offer a wide spectrum of academic subjects of high school and college levels with specialization in few key subjects. We have a pool of subject experts who can handle all academic subjects of Grades 6-12 and College including Engineering subjects. The company has over 20 years of experience in developing fully-interactive and semi-interactive content that thousands of students have used through our clients’ websites to learn and earn better grades in school and college.

We offer specialised services in,

  • Grade 1-12 subjects
  • Engineering subjects
  • Competitive exams like SAT, GRE etc

Market Research

We help our clients connect to the versatile source of expertise, including decision makers, scientists, academics, public sector brains, and many more field experts. Minddew’s industry compliance framework ensures information security of client data.

Areas of specialised expertise are as noted below.

  • To help clients shortlist companies matching their requirements.
  • Social media marketing support.
  • Ideas for marketing campaigns and implementation.
  • Implementation of primary market research initiatives.
  • Compiled secondary market research reports as per requirements.
  • Marketing intelligence and analytics: Help client discover new actionable insights to improve product.
  • Direct marketing support

Production & Publishing

Production & Publishing team ensures the review of journals, articles, content, etc and are accepted for publication. The team communicates with authors regarding the production of the article, confirms the content adheres to the standard style of publication, and the finalised content is made available online and to different repositories.

We offer high quality, cost-effective services and have ready access to skilled human power which makes us stand-out in the crowd.

Careers Careers

Knowledge is king at Minddew. We are focused on producing content of the highest quality all the time. You have plenty of opportunities with us if you possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • Flair for writing in English
  • Methodical approach to work
  • Penchant for teaching
  • Good analytical skills

Opportunities galore!  More than your academic achievements, we look more at your attitude, talents and ability to adapt to the real situations. If you have the right mix of interest, energy, and dedication, you have the opportunity to build a bright career with us. Whether you are a specialist or an all-rounder, it is the real value of your contribution that is going to propel your career in Minddew and take you to new heights.

Work Culture

We have a unique open work culture that is congenial for performers to grow unrestrained. With a flat hierarchy, it is your performance that decides what you become and how you grow. The high growth that the performers currently attain and the low attrition rate are testimony to this positive work culture.

Fun is an integral part of our work culture and is closely linked with achievements. Teamwork is enhanced this way because everyone strives together for results to earn more fun opportunities.

Teamwork is the mantra at Minddew. Individuals come together and forge teams to achieve the best possible results.

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